Since September 2002, seasoned nonviolent activists have been on the ground in Iraq working in tandem with those in the United States and the world who seek to prevent a U.S. attack on Iraq. Initiated by Voices in the Wilderness, Iraq Peace Team will remain in Iraq in the event of an attack with these intentions:

We will live among the Iraqi people during any aggression directed at them, including continued economic sanctions. We will use our presence and non-violent actions to witness, understand and expose the situation of both the civilian population of Iraq and highlight the importance of facilities such as water purification plants that are critical to daily life. We will report on our experiences in Iraq through this website, our support teams, and all who will listen.

Iraq Peace Team is not affiliated with Human Shield projects. Though we hope to remain in Iraq in the event of an attack, we don't consider ourselves “human shields." IPT exists to stand in solidarity with the peoples of Iraq. Voices in the Wilderness refuses to incorporate military language or ideas to describe the peace witness of IPT members.

Please check in often and get involved in whatever way you can. Your voice is needed to say “No!” to continued US attacks on Iraq.

The website is temporarily unavailable due to technical work on it.